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Adam Cottrell Fitness Instructor

Hey! I’m Adam

Years and years ago, I found myself searching for answers on how to build and create the best physique I possibly could without totally giving away my favourite foods. There were no mentors or coaches I had access to. This led me to do countless hours of research and study to develop systems that I put into place. I failed numerous times, but, over time I’ve found a number of systems that work! Fitness & Bodybuilding has taught me a number of values that are applicable in my everyday life.

I never started out wanting to be a bodybuilder, through high school i was playing Rugby League, Athletics and Cricket. I then started going to the gym so i could improve my skills/strength in the Sports i was already playing. As time went on, going to the gym and building routine is what i started to love. Which then led me to wanting to learn nutrition to change my physique. Not long after i was interested in competing and competed in my first show when i was 20 years old placing first at ANB South Coast Titles in Juniors.

Since then i have gone on to Compete for 6 years my main achievements are;

1st place IFBB NSW Titles U/100kg Bodybuilding 2017

2nd place IFBB Australian Titles U/100kg Bodybuilding 2017

3rd place IFBB Amateur Olympia Australia Junior Bodybuilding 2015

4th place Arnold Classic Australia Junior Bodybuilding 2015

1st place ANB South Coast Titles Junior Bodybuilding 2013

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